Tuesday, May 20, 2014

What is Rhubarb?

ohmigod so cute! What's your french bulldog's name? Rhubarb Rupert? Rhubarb Robart? Rhubarb Wootard? What are you saying? What is Rhubarb? ...are you guys serious?! I can't have this conversation again so here it is!

 a) My french bulldog's name
 b) Found in the produce aisle
 c) Deliciously tart and excellent in the form of a pie...and also myriad other ways.

 But what I DIDN'T know is it has all these other fascinating meanings. Check this out!

Greek? Her name is greek?! MY name is greek!!! So, Rhubarb and I are soulmates, like I didn't know that already ;) Just so we're super clear, here's a picture of Rhubarb with some rhubarb.

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