Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Blue Line Pizza, Welcome to the Land of Dogs and Babies

Great. News. Burlingame just got a little less lame. 

For years I've lived in the just-outside-of-San Francisco baby mill, Burlingame California. While there’s something to be said for having a Dailey Method on every corner and a doggie day spa in my apartment building, there are times I wish I lived in the culinary cacophony that is the city of San Francisco.

I stole this from Yelp
That being said, a new restaurant, Blue Line Pizza, just opened up on the bustling street of Burlingame Avenue and it’s given me something to look forward to on Friday nights besides my week’s recordings of the Big Bang Theory. 

Brought to you by San Francisco’s Little Star Pizza, its baby sister Blue Line boasts a full bar, chic and cozy indoor and outdoor seating and a pleasantly inexperienced waitstaff from the local Burlingame High School (but I mean who cares, it’s Pizza. If those stoners at Village Host can get it, these USC-bound trust fund babies can too).

I went last weekend and had the following, which paired nicely with a pitcher of Scrimshaw pilsner…

A pound of flavorful and fire spicy wings served with baby carrots & a creamy yet surprisingly tangy blue cheese dressing.

Organic mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, red bells, red onions, gorgonzola cheese & chopped walnuts, tossed with a housemade vinaigrette dressing that screams your pizza is on the way.

A thin crust pizza with Italian sausage, mushrooms, onions, green bells; the pizza was perfect from the sauce to the lean yet cooked yet not-too-crispy crust.

The Classic Thin crust--not to be missed. Also, that shirt is courtesy of Bianca DeRose, thanks B loveyoumeanit
So bored housewives of Burlingame, I invite you to slip out of your Lulus and into some distressed denim and a dangerous blazer to hit the new, B-game hostspot for a little slice of happiness. If you close your eyes while you chew the sounds of crying babies almost resembles the jingle of a homeless man’s stolen shopping cart. One day I’ll live in the city, until then, this is what you get. 

*Update! They totally allow dogs

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Savory Goat Cheese Panna Cotta

I came across this dish at the charming Olema Inn Restaurant near Point Reyes on a recent oyster excursion. Poached beets, arugula and the shining star, a savory goat cheese panna cotta, all dressed in a delightful champagne vinaigrette--I forgot all about my oysters. My unladylike appreciation for this dish was audible enough to attract the attention of the staff, who, bless their hearts, explained to me how it was made. Rhubarb and I made it at home, and now we can share it with all!
Goat Cheese Panna Cotta


1/4 cup milk
1/4 cup heavy cream
1 1/4 tsp. unflavored gelatin (or agar agar for no animal byproduct)
1 cup goat cheese
kosher salt
a little olive oil
1 clove garlic (optional) 


Brush a muffin tin with a little extra virgin olive oil and rub around with a smashed piece of garlic if you have it. In a medium saucepan heat the milk and cream on low. Sprinkle the gelatin over the milk/cream mixture and without mixing, let stand for 5 minutes. Rewarm the mixture over very low heat for no more than 2 minutes while stirring to dissolve the gelatin. Remove from heat and stir in the goat cheese. Evenly divide ammong muffin tins, and cover with plastic wrap in the refrigerator for 2 hours, or overnight if you have the time. 

Sprinkle with kosher salt before placing in the middle of your salad plates. Then toss together your salad of poached beetsarugula and a little champagne vinaigrette. Place your salad around your panna cotta and enjoy! 

(You could pretty easily turn this into a sassy dessert with about a 1/4 cup of sugar, no salt, no garlic, and a berry-based sauce)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Best Thing That Anyone Has Ever Had For Breakfast

One of the things I love most about working from home is not having to eat breakfast in the shower while checking the train schedule.

It’s a luxurious day when I work from home--I rise an hour later, have breakfast at my leisure, and generally forget to bother with the time-sucking nonsense of basic hygiene. But more importantly, when I work from home I make the greatest thing that anyone has ever had for breakfast, and today, I’m honored to show you what I scarf down while writing a press release while Rhubarb snores softly at my feet. 

·   Bread or English muffin
·   1 or 2 eggs
·   Arugula or spinach
·   1 beefsteak tomato
·   1 avocado
·   Salt and pepper

I poach the perfect egg by using the microwave (whatever, I’m not a real chef--someone come over and teach me how to poach)

But seriously, this works, and it's easy. Simply fill a cup or bowl about 2/3 the way with water, crack one or two eggs right into the water and microwave for 30-60 seconds. Once you get over how astonishingly simple it is to make the perfect poached egg, remind yourself to swing back here and thank me in the comments.

Toast your bread and give it a thin layer of butter if you’re so inclined. Then simply layer on some sliced tomato, a little salt and pepper, arugula and avocado slices. Carefully place the poached egg atop and finish with a little more salt and pepper.

Super easy, and literally, the greatest thing you’ve ever had for breakfast…until you put hollandaise sauce on it, but that’s for brunch, so, another time. 

Here's what Rhubarb does the entire day while I work from home: