What is Rhubarb?

ohmigod so cute! What's your french bulldog's name? Rhubarb Rupert? Rhubarb Robart? Rhubarb Wootard? What are you saying? What is Rhubarb? ...are you guys serious?! I can't have this conversation again so here it is!

 a) My french bulldog's name
 b) Found in the produce aisle
 c) Deliciously tart and excellent in the form of a pie...and also myriad other ways.

 But what I DIDN'T know is it has all these other fascinating meanings. Check this out!

Greek? Her name is greek?! MY name is greek!!! So, Rhubarb and I are soulmates, like I didn't know that already ;) Just so we're super clear, here's a picture of Rhubarb with some rhubarb.


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