How to Win a Macaroni and Cheese Cookoff like a BOSS

One of my best friends in the whole world is a much better PR person than I. That's a fact. But for YEARS her boyfriend and I have had a conflict. We're unclear on which of us is a better cook. You see, the guy cooks Thanksgiving, for like tens of people. That gives me palpitations. But, friends, I knew I could beat him at something.

So over too many beers while watching a baseball game we decided, the name of the game was macaroni and cheese. The Rules of macaroni and cheese cookoff 2014:
1. make brilliant, magnificent, killer macaroni and cheese
2. get together as a group and eat it
3. put two plates of it on the floor and see which one the french bulldog goes to first (spoiler: it was mine)
4. winner gets a gigantic bottle of whiskey and a lifelong sense of pride

I don't want to say Rhubarb is partial to mommy's cooking...but it might be possible. Regardless, you all need to know how to make my award-winning mac n cheese.

Put bacon, onions & jalapenos in the slow cooker all day (thanks boyfriend, couldn't have won withoutcha, handsome)
Par boil macaroni (not too soft! You want the noodles to be underdone) set aside in a casserole dish
Make a bechamel. Jeeze this isn't as complicated as french words make everything sound. Here's how to do it.
Grate about triple what you think you need in tilamok white and yellow cheddar.
Slowly mix the cheese into the bechamel
Toss your slow cooker bacon/jalapeno/onion situation in with the noodles Pour cheese sauce over the whole thing.
Sprinkle a bit more cheese and breadcrumbs on top, bake at 375 for about 30 minutes.

Let this cool for about 15-30 minutes after it comes out of the oven, which allows you to serve everyone a nice chunky serving instead of cheesy soupy mess. And finally, bask in the glory of a victory and have a nice shot from your gigantic bottle of whiskey. Hat's off to my worthy opponent.


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